First of a Thousand Steps.

On this day 19JAN2017, the first post was published on this great Site JOZAVIC………..


Get your mind and note pad ready to be informed and Entertained.


At Jovavic, we cover all subjects inbetween Space down & Antarctica. No box restricts the topics here, so long its legal, law-abiding and within accepted ethos.

The goal is to create a board were verified information from around the world comes to rest and its attainable to everyone in a simple click of a button or your screen.


FavQuote; “You didn’t come this far to only come this far”…(gotten from the net)


Join me as we help each other build evergreen platforms.





Published by George Sunday

Am an Economist with a love for fashion. An introverted Idealist who loves to discuss various topics ranging from Lifestyle, self-improvement, productivity and Entertainment. JOZAVIC is a diverse Information Board with more interest in Lifestyle and Entertaining bits.

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