10 Things I learnt this Week!

1. Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. Not all thoughts that come to your mind needs expression.

2. How to control Anger with positive affirmations. For example; someone genuinely made you angry 😈😟…either by “words or actions”,..between that short-moment of time it takes for you to reason over the persons disrespect/misdemeanor towards you and switching on the anger-mode👿…(i know, you’ve got every damn right to be pissed off sometimes😟 but most often, we get all enrage over little things that doesnt really matter)…quietly recite positive affirmations to yourself using words like,… “I shud not be angry”,…”just be calm”, …”bad decisions are often made while angry…”You lose power when you get angry… “You lose power when u get angry (for any amount of seconds it takes to calm you down) then handle the situation maturely with a calm mind. 

3. Be Ready to meet with any Body, any Time, any Day 

Don’t be caught unawares dressed poorly👸💂.be groomed and ready for interviews, business transactions, running into potential others, meeting employers, mentors, and customers every day of the week. 

4. At minimum, 4/5 of these requirements are expected of you before stepping out of the house:

i. Hair on point

ii. Clean Nails

iii. Clean teeth

iv. Neat shoes

v. Clean cloths 

5. Monitor your Routine. Its  part of who you are. Don’t be scared of breaking them when there no longer serve a pupose in your general picture of Who You Are.

6. Exercise. No further explanation needed. Its Good for your body and mind. Even if you miss some days ..still put some in whenever you can.

7. Read. Everything you lay your hands on.

8. Listen to music.

9. Learn something New every day, no matter how small. May be a word, a random knowledge, a piece of information, DIY, experience… etesera.

10. Dream.

We all have dreams.

Maybe yours is to be the best at something in school or at work, at a sport or some other passion. Or to make the trip somewhere in the world that you’ve been thinking about for years now.

Or to improve your financial situation,

social skills , find that special someone or to get into great shape. 

Don’t give up on that dream. Revisit it now and then to keep your focus on reaching the dream.


Published by George Sunday

Am an Economist with a love for fashion. An introverted Idealist who loves to discuss various topics ranging from Lifestyle, self-improvement, productivity and Entertainment. JOZAVIC is a diverse Information Board with more interest in Lifestyle and Entertaining bits.

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