Happiness comes from solving problems.

Problems  never stop;  they  merely  get exchanged and/or upgraded.  

Happiness comes from solving  problems.  The keyword  here is “solving.”  If  you’re  avoiding  your problems  or feel  like  you  don’t  have  any  problems,  then  you’re  going  to  make yourself  miserable.  If  you  feel  like  you  have  problems  that  you  can’t  solve,  you  will likewise  make  yourself  miserable.  

The  secret  sauce  is  in  the  solving  of  the problems,  not  in  not  having  problems  in  the  first  place. 

Happiness  is  a  constant  work-in-progress,  because  solving  problems  is  a  constant work-in-progress—the  solutions  to  today’s  problems  will  lay  the  foundation  for tomorrow’s  problems,  and  so on.  True happiness occurs only when  you  find  the problems  you  enjoy  having  and  enjoy  solving.
Be ready for problems as they arise, for they’ll definitely come but the good thing is….when they come, one way or the other there’s always a way of solving them.



Published by George Sunday

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