LPT 104: The art of Manliness

As its often said, Being a Man is not a days job. Hence, you’ll agree with me that being a better man takes some level of convictions​.

Here are some pointers towards being the great fella You where meant to be; 
1. Knowing how to be happy without relying on other people. 

2. Knowing how and when to stick up for yourself without being overly cocky. 

3. Having conviction in your beliefs but willing to be corrected when you’re wrong.

4. Basically just being able to rise above all the bullshit surrounding you, being independent and able to focus on your own goals and projects.

5. Being toughened by the hard lessons in life, while allowing all of it to humble you instead of drag you down.

Being a Man had no set rules but those created by him. Live your life and remember to be successful.

Do have a fulfilled & pleasant day ahead.


Published by George Sunday

Am an Economist with a love for fashion. An introverted Idealist who loves to discuss various topics ranging from Lifestyle, self-improvement, productivity and Entertainment. JOZAVIC is a diverse Information Board with more interest in Lifestyle and Entertaining bits.

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