Life Pro Tip 106

Speaking slower sounds better than saying “Like” or “ahm” before every word you are trying to think of

N:B I’d love to start a Life Pro Tips Thread. 

Starting from #106 down to #001

I will be posting them in sequence. The LTP’s will cover different aspects of life, such as Technology, Fashion, Lifestyles, Productivity, Finance and How-to-do-basic-things-yourself.

 A Life Pro Tip (or LPT) is a tip that improves life for you and those around you in a specific and significant way. 

If there’s any hack you know of that had been beneficial to you in the past, e.g; how to fix things yourself, how to solve simple life problems, home remedies..etecera

Kindly share them in the Comment section. We will be picking LPT’s from the comment sections and featuring them with the Name of the Poster in subsequent Life Pro Tip Blog posts. 

Thanks!! and do enjoy the rest of your day.



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