10 Cheap & Fun Hobbies to keep boredom at bay.

You just need a pencil and paper to start. And don’t listen to that crap about you needing talent. I’ve seen people go from can’t draw a stick person to technically proficient in under a year. Find something you like drawing, be it people, architecture or doodles completely out of your head, practice and have fun. As a bonus, you can pick up some decent beginners books at second hand book shops for almost nothing or search the net, there are some fantastic tutorials for all skill levels out there 🙂


Calligraphy is such a cool past time hobby. Its basically maneuvering your pen and creating of gorgeous letters! There are a lot of DIY projects in calligraphy out there.

You can browse the net for basics like how to hold your pen, getting the ink to meet the paper without splattering. When you are familiar with the basics you can create some cool stuffs like: 

>Calligraphy Calender. >Watercolor Birthday Cards. >Lettered Vase. >Leaves Gift Tags. >Wall Art etcetera.

You can Google how do make any of those cool stuffs.


Since it’s cheaper to make meals from scratch, it’s a hobby that can easily be zero or net-negative cost.You have to spend money on food anyway and it’s cheaper and more healthy to eat at home vs eating out.


Just start with plain paper or post-it notes, whatever you have. Look up youtube videos or get a book from the public library. Virtually no cost. When you get better at it, buy a little pack of fancy paper to make gifts or decorations.
*.Start with thin, square paper, ideally origami paper.

*.Find an origami pattern online or in a book.

*.Follow the pattern and don’t skip steps.

*.Pay attention to the right and wrong sides of the paper.

*.Make your creases sharp by running your nail over them.

5.Teaching Yourself a New Language

Be it Spanish, French, Elfish or what have you. Or you could just think of something that you like and try to learn everything about it. This can take up much more time and energy than it seems like it should. You can start by visiting http://www.duolingo.com for free new language tutorials.


They’re essentially free audio shows and some have a video component, too! Professional podcasters invest thousands of dollars of their own money and hours of their time to produce entertaining and often informative shows, and they give you access to them for free. That’s always been amazing to me.Not only are they enjoyable, but they make learning fun. It sounds cliche, but history has never been more interesting listening to Dan Carlin, or Abel James on healthy eating, or Daniele Bolelli on philosophy and life.There really is something for everyone. Find a topic,then a good host, and you’re laughing. Free information.


People watching involves observing people to get a feel for the beauty and rhythm of the community around us. Watching people is amazing. You can havesome of the funniest laughs everwith you and your friends, especially in a place full of bad peeps. For some people watchers, it’s about creativity, using the moments of watching in trying to guess at another person’s story just from mere observation, and embracing the fun of what is, in effect, an amateur social science.


This doesn’t needs much explanation because you are doing it already 🙂 and I trust you’ve learnt a lot from pages of books to articles online. 

.Baking bread

Why bread? It’s cheap as hell — just flour, water, salt, and yeast and it can take a lifetime to master. Also, you get fresh baked bread which is so awesome that it ties into your brains reward centers at the same primal level as fire and sex. It’s also casually impressive: “cool dinner party; hey I brought these tasty bum bread that I bake this morning 🙂
Check here for some Home made bread recipes .

10. Learn a musical Instrument.

Though musical instruments are quite expensive but the joy you derive from “finally perfecting” that sound in your head is priceless. You can get cheaper instruments from the trifth stores or you can start by downloading music instrument apps from the App store in your phone. 
There are lots of cool, fun & affordable hobbies out there you can engage in at your leisure time and kiss boredom goodbye.

Just try your hands on a few and see which ones you are down with. Thanks for reading and have a pleasant day ahead 😀🙋


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