Some 10 Golden Rules of Life

1. Treat people as you want to be treated: not as they have treated you. Be good to people because you are good, not because they are.

    2.Every single thing will pass.

    3.Have more than you show, speak less than you know.

    4. Try to see things from other people’s views: too many people are one sided and instantly bash someone whose opinion is different from theirs.

    5. You never know what kind of impact your words or actions have. Choose them wisely

    6. Exercise!: You only have One body and you are going to be needing it for a very long time, so exercise, no matter how little. Your future self will thank you for it.

    7. Trust your gut no matter what. Be aware of your conscience and don’t doubt your instinct, that stuff can save your life.

    8. To know all is to forgive all.if you could know and understandevery single thingthat had happened to a person or had an influence on their development and choices, you would forgive them anything.Important to stress that forgiving a person is not the same thing as excusing them, or absolving them of their responsibility, or condoning their actions.

    9. Learn from everyone. If you like/respect someone, figure out exactly why, and copy that aspect. If you dislike/do not respect someone, figure out exactly why. Make sure to never do whatever it is that person is doing.

    10. Better to be kind than mean ☺



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